Readings: By communicating through a Higher Consciousness I help provide clarity and guidance in your life to overcome challenges and understand the soul’s purpose and karmic lessons. Taking you through this inner journey will move you toward empowerment with enthusiasm and purpose.

By bridging the consciousness, sub-consciousness and super-consciousness I will assist you in focusing on your karmic lessons to be learned to create a more abundant, creative, healthy and fulfilling life within oneself. I will help you overcome challenges and teach you how to live with greater peace and harmony. I believe that taking personal responsibility for self allows everything else in your life to flow easily.

Readings may be done in person or by phone. Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes.


Energy Healer: Combining touch with intention and intuition, and, at times, working through the chakras, we direct universal energy to facilitate healing. You’ll release blockages to the body, mind and spirit, enabling you to feel more peaceful, lighter and less stressed. Through energy space clearing, we create balance and transformation by adjusting the flow of energy in your home or work environment.

Ministering: As an ordained minister, I perform marriages, blessings, funerals and passages.

Coaching: In transitional coaching I will take you through an inner journey, assisting you in empowering yourself to move forward in your life with enthusiasm and purpose. Releasing life- long fears and negativity will help you become who you really are and help you learn to recognize your true passions.

Coaching available in one hour sessions.

Gift Certificates: available for any service.